BigCountry Kennels Foster Home Program

At BigCountry Kennels, we’ve developed a program by which we find foster homes for some of our breeding females and males. This helps us give our dogs in our breeding program the permanent home they deserve from the beginning, rather than putting them through the stress of trying to place them later in life, at their retirement. As foster parents, this allows you to meet other puppy families and dog enthusiasts, while enjoying the showing and breeding experience on an uncompromising level without the stress, considerable time investment and continuing financial expense.

As breeders, we retain full rights to showing and breeding, as well as any expenses related to these activities.

All breeding and whelping will take place in our facilities, under our supervision.

Full health testing will be completed at our expense for each dog in the breeding program. Only the day to day costs of owning a dog will be the responsibility of the foster parents. These dogs are bred out of some of the strongest pedigrees available worldwide, with amazing, long-standing health records. If you love the breed and have always wanted the best in health guarantees, this is the program for you!

Foster dogs are always welcome back here during your vacation time, away time, during work travels or any time you need a place for them to stay. We love spending time with them too!

Males need very little time away from your home for breeding, but they require a family with routine, consistency and high expectations for good behaviour in order to be at their happiest while left intact. Females are bred to whelp no more than five litters in their lifetime, with veterinary health checks throughout. Families will need to be prepared to have their girls away for one week during breeding times and up to six weeks for whelping and puppy rearing.

We love to share these amazing creatures and their lives with those who will love them every bit as much as we do throughout their whole life, right along with us.

Fostering these exceptional dogs is a great sacrifice and we need to trust all of our foster families with our beloved dogs. For that reason, full contract and home checks apply.

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Please, no breeder inquiries. We are very exacting in our care and the lives of our dogs and we will not compromise our 100% control in the medical care, breeding method of our dogs, interviewing or in finding the perfect homes for our puppies.

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