Raw Feeding

In 2006, we made the decision to consider a more natural diet for our dogs. After encountering some serious health problems and in particular food allergies, switching to a natural raw diet, we were impressed by just how quickly our dogs health improved. We have continued to offer a biologically appropriate raw food diet to our breeding kennel ever since.

A raw fed diet consists of raw meat, bone, organ meats and fruit and vegetables. This method of feeding is occasionally referred to as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food OR Bones and Raw Food). We feed our dogs a variety of proteins including: Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Bison, Rabbit and Duck. Our raw food is a perfect blend of muscle meat, finely ground bone, organ meats, and fruit and vegetables. We offer raw meaty bones such as duck necks, lamb necks and cold smoked bison knuckles to keep teeth clean and healthy. We supplement this diet with Herring Oil & Kelp for essential omega 3 fatty acids and trace minerals. Our dogs have thrived on this diet and we strongly recommend that all our puppy families consider continuing to offer a raw diet to their Big Country puppy.

Dogs are carnivores and therefore diets consisting of highly processed commercial dog food with an abundance of grains and preservatives is not the ideal food source. Although many dogs can survive on kibble, the growing number of degenerative diseases such as cancer, joint disease, skin allergies, kidney & liver disease etc. are primarily a result of making poor dietary choices for our pets.

Choosing to feed a raw diet simply means to feed your pet as nature intended and choosing food sources that are the most highly digestible. Raw food diets nourish your growing puppy and adult dog resulting in a dog with optimal health and proven longevity. And, although the cost of feeding real food is likely more expensive (20 – 40% more) than purchasing commercial dog food, the overall long term health benefits of choosing to feed raw will likely result in significant cost savings.

All Big Country Kennel dogs and puppies are raised and fed Big Country Raw (www.bigcountryraw.ca). We started this company in 2011 as a growing demand for our raw food recipes from our puppy families, friends and breeding colleagues.

When you pick-up your puppy from Big Country Kennels, we send you home with two weeks of raw food including treats and supplements to help make the transition and introduction to the raw food diet as simple as possible. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding choosing to feed raw. The Raw Food Primer (insert link here) is a helpful link to read before taking your puppy home, however we are here to help answer your questions anytime before or after you take home your new puppy. Additionally we can also provide you with a resource network of veterinarians, groomers, obedience trainers, dog walkers and boarding kennels that support a raw food diet and will make choosing to continue with a raw food diet as easy as possible.

We also provide a 15% discount on ALL Big Country Raw products for families that have adopted a puppy or adult dog through our kennel. You will receive your COUPON CODE to receive your discounts with your puppy package when you take your new puppy home.

If you have purchased a puppy or adult dog from our kennel in the past and would like to take advantage of this generous offer please contact us!

To learn more about raw feeding and our company Big Country Raw and to order raw dog food for your pet, please visit our website at www.bigcountryraw.ca