“Sam” Ch Liberty Run Clear the Ice

Sam is our first male GSMD stud joining our kennel and we couldn’t be more pleased! Sam has an amazing temperament and has a very gentle kind heart. Sam loves his foster parent, Eric, who also works for Big Country Raw and will always greet him with a large hug. He is very passive around other dogs and shows little to no dominance over them. He would much prefer to be napping in a quiet house than be around a lot of noise and commotion.

He is not an overly large male for this breed; however, his conformation and movement won him his ACK championship at a very young age of nine months. He has a thick double undercoat which gives him beautiful colouring. All health clearances passed.

Health Clearances

OFA Cardia – Normal
OFA Hips – Good
OFA Elbow – Good

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